Paranormal Ghost Tours
approx 90 minutes
Ghost Hunting Adventures
approx 90 minutes
Haunted Ghost Tours
approx 90 minutes

On this tour you will hear tales of the dead, the dying, where people where hung to their deaths, hear stories about the haunted buildings and on some of our tours you will even get to try out some professional ghost hunting equipment.

As your paranormal guide leads you around the streets, they will tell you tales from the paranormal point of view…

Our ghost hunting events are an introduction into the world of paranormal investigations. On these events, you will be taken to an active location, use professional ghost hunting equipment such as ghost boxes, emfs, dowsing rods crystals and more…

Dare you enter the haunted location in search of the dead souls that are still around today.

On this tour you will hear tales of the dead, the haunted buildings, where people where murdered,
where the dead still live
and where they still walk the streets today.
You will hear about the lifeless bodies lying in the street, and as your Undertaker takes you into haunted graveyards, telling you haunting tales of the spirits that await… Do you trust him to bring you back…

Special Over Night Ghost Hunts
St Johns Haunted Mansion
Special Over Night Ghost Hunts
Haunted Warehouse
Special Over Night Ghost Hunts
Tudor World
Special Over Night Ghost Hunts
Spiritus Haunted House
Investigate with our world inspired team of professionals including Spirit Sensitives, Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters.
Explore into the night, go in search of the ghosts that haunt and become involved with many different aspects of ghost hunting from using dowsing rods to white noise systems to ghost boxes to spirit boards to emfs to thermal imaging to EVP sessions, seances, vigils.
You will also get the chance to use our new night vision camera’s and feel like the professional on tv!
Coventry Stratford Warwick Birmingham

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Keep up to date with all our developments and footage from our investigations and tours.

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Specialised Gifts and Ghost Hunting Equipment

Group Bookings & Private Events

Are you looking for a night out to remember! Why not book a exclusive tour in one of our many locations!

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New for 2019!
The Witches Journal – The Darkside of ParanormalJoin us in Stratford-on-Avon for Our Brand New Tour!

You are going to be taken on a journey of death and magic. You are going to be told about tales of the dead, the witches, how they fly on broomsticks,
you will hear about the black mass, the ghosts that lurk in the trees and where people died and still yet lives…
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