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Ghost Tours

Let Ghosts Unlimited take you on a tour into the next world and beyond…. Listen to tales of the dead, the hauntings and the bodies buried in the streets you walk on today!

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Ghost Hunting

Let Ghosts Unlimited introduce You To A REAL Active investigation where you get the chance to use professional equipment including ghost boxes and work with the professionals.

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Ghost Hunting Events

Let Ghosts Unlimited take you on a journey at an Active and Live location. On this event you will get the chance to use Professional Equipment and work alongside the Professionals.

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The Ruined Abbey

Let Ghosts Unlimited  take you on an event into The next world.

You will get to use Professional Equipment including Crystals Ghost Boxes EMFs EVPs and Why Not Join in Seances and more. Book Now£15.00Book Now£15.00

Special Ghost Events

Let Ghosts Unlimited take you Into wonderful HAUNTED Locations.

We have chosen special locations including one of the most haunted places in the Midlands! Join us for a night of intrigue.

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Rollright Stones

Let Ghosts Unlimited take you back over 600 Years to this Ancient Monument. This Ancient Site has been ssed for Witchcraft, Ancient Burials, Sacraifices, Black Magic and Beyond.

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Enjoy the best Ghost Tours combined with the  paranormal

Come and Join Our World Inspired Team of Investigators, Spirit Whisperers, Sensitives, Mediums, Psychics and Let Our Guides Take You On A Journey into The Land Of Ghosts and Spirits

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GhostTours & Events

Book Your Tour and Events To Be Taken Into A Different World – A World of Spirits and Ghosts

Ghost Hunting
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Ghost Tour
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Ghost Hunting
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Special Ghost Hunt Event
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Ghost Hunting
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Special Ghost Hunt Event
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Our story

In The Beginning

Not so long ago, the desire to bring a new type of tour to towns in Warwickshire begun.

Our tours are designed around the paranormal side of life, telling you tales of the spirits, the ghosts, the hauntings and where bodies are burried in the roads. As we moved along, we began to add some exciting paranormal facts into our tours and then we started to add equipment and from there we moved onto special investigations, large investigations with sensitives, mediums, investigators and beyond. All this was started in the converted coal shed!
Our philosophy

To Tell The Truth

On our tours and events we will always give you the true facts, nothing is faked, nothing is made up and nothing is for the camera (so to speak). What you see is what you get.

We will tell you the facts, answer any questions that you may have, and bring the paranormal into real life and make it accessible to everyone from everywhere.

The Rollright Stones

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The Ruined Abbey

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Dudley Castle

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St Johns Mansion

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Halloween Specials

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our guests say:

Went to the Warwick tour last night. It was really interesting learnt some history, spoke to some spirit’s the hosts were very friendly and made you feel at eas I’ve already recommended it and will hopefully be doing it again soon.

Rosie D

16th April

Great night on Halloween on the ghost walk around Warwick.Great stories and perfect walking conditions. Didn’t expect it to last so long but was well worth the money.Both guides had some great knowledge and experience.Will definately be booking another.

Sarah C

2nd November

Went on their Coventry Ghost Tour tonight and the team were really down to earth and fun. I learned a few bits about Coventry I didn’t know, and they didnt shy away from a fellow paranormal investigator like some teams do! Cheers for the tour and the chats!

Cherilyn H

11th August

Group Bookings & Private Events

Are you looking for a night out to remember! Why not book a exclusive tour in one of our many locations!

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Our Team

Meet Ghosts Unlimited World Inspired Team



Matthew’s role is to investigate the active locations, to question everything that is found and to report all the findings and complete the reports and check that everything is running smooth!


Spirit Sensitive

Andy’s role in the company is to help people understand and communicate with spirits and help those spirits that are in need of assistance.


Spirit Whisperer

Liam joins the team in a new role. Liam is brilliant in whispering to spirits and he understands the spirits and where they are coming from. You will find that Liam often gets answers where others dont.


Office Manager

Donna’s main objective within the company is to make sure that all the guests are looked after from start to finish!

Ghosts Unlimited Latest News

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Prices Slashed For Summer 18

We have cut our prices for Summer 18 so more and more people can afford[…]

Our Next Ghost Hunt

Our Next Ghost Hunt is Rollright Stones on Friday 21st June 2018 @ 19:30

Our Latest Development

We are working on a new event – get ready for a new Halloween Tour!

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