Corporate Ghost Adventures

Our ever popular Ghost Adventures take you into another dimension. On these adventures you will join our Paranormal Team in search of the dead… You will get the chance to use professional ghost hunting equipment including the famous Ghost Box, White Noise Systems, EMFs, Night Vision Cameras, Dowsing Rods, EVPs, Laser Grids, Infra Red Detection Systems, Crystals and much much more..
On the night will be group seances, vigils and group events for all to join in.  You will work with professional investigators, spirit sensitives, mediums and other paranormal crew members.

You will be taken to an active location, where you will be able to go in search, communicate and re-act with the dead and all this will be done under the protection of of spiritual and paranormal teams.

So dare you collect your equipment and go in search… book your tour and ask for a ghostly discount..

Tickets from £12.00 per person