Corporate Ghost Hunts

Our exciting and fun ghost hunting events take you into a whole new world. 
We are going to take you into a haunted building, where the ghosts and spirits await… Take you choice from our range of events from Haunted Mansions to Creepy Warehouses and investigate deep into the night.
You will have access to all our professional equipment including ghost boxes, white noise systems, evps, emfs, dowsing crystals, cameras, video, night vision, thermal imaging and much much more. 
You will also get the chance to get involved in seances, vigils, EVP sessions, spirit board sessions or if you are brave enough, a lone vigil!

The investigation will be fully documented and you will receive a full professional report including any sound, photo or video evidence and you will also receive a certificate stating that you completed an overnight stay in a haunted location.

Tea, coffee biscuits will be provided on the night!

Are you brave enough to visit a haunted location… are you brave enough to ask for a chilling discount?

Ticket Prices from £29.00 per person

Spiritus – Evesham
Tudor World – Stratford St Johns Mansion – Warwick Bonded Warehouse – Stourbridge

£59 per person

£79 per person

£49 per person

£34.99 per person
Spiritus Evesham is a Haunted House dating back to 1544. It has many spirits and ghosts that have been around for many many years. Tudor World is One Of the most Haunted Buildings in Stratford, hosting around 16 different spirits and ghosts… St Johns Mansion is haunted by 2 sisters and are often seen around the fire place and there is another waiting for you in the cellar. The Bonded Warehouse is home to many Ghosts and Spirits and from Doors Opening to Shadows on the wall… So get ready for a Paranormal Lockdown.