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Corp Haunted Ghost Tour

Join the Undertaker as he takes you on a journey of haunted towns across Warwickshire and beyond, listen to the ghostly tales of the dead, the ghosts that walk the streets and the ones that vanish into the night. Listen closely as the night gets darker, as the light fades, stories of the dead, the haunted buildings that become alive and where the shadows are cast onto the walls.. where the dead march and where they hide.

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Corp Paranormal Ghost Tour

Let Ghosts Unlimited Paranormal Team take you on a journey of ghosts and spirits. Listen to the paranormal tales, learn about why spirits haunt, where they come from and perhaps where they go. Listen to the deep secrets of bodies that are buried in the streets, where people hung to their deaths and where the dead live today. On this paranormal tour you will use professional ghost hunting equipment!

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Corporate Ghost Hunting

Let Ghosts Unlimited introduce you to a real investigation. You will use professional ghost hunting equipment including ghost boxes, white noise systems, dowsing, crystals, EMFs and why not join in a seance or and EVP session. On the active location, you will have the paranormal team including investigators, spirit sensitives/mediums to guide you, teach you and show you how to communicate with the dead.

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Enjoy the best Ghost Tour with Our New Undertaker!

In the dark of the night, as the moon hides behind the clouds and the rain slowly drips down your face, as the night falls to the floor and the dead are alive once again.

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