Special Ghost Hunts


Join our professional paranormal team on a night of intrigue and investigation where you will be in search of the ghosts and spirits at an active location.

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Join our World Inspired Professional Team of Paranormal Investigators, Sensitives and Mediums on a night of intrigue and investigation. On these events you will be able to investigate an active location deep into the night.
All equipment is supplied on the night which will include spirit boxes, white noise systems, video, night vision, crystals, dowsing rods, EMFs and spirit boards. You can get involved in EVP sessions, seances, vigils, loan vigils or even a spirit board session.
All information that is found on the night is collated into an easy to read report and any photographic evidence including night vision and video will be added to the report for you to browse over at your leisure.

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Special Ghost Hunts

Evesham – Spiritus 17th Mar 2019 @ 19:00-02:0-00 (£59), —-, Stratford – Tudor World – 8th Sept 2019 @ 22:00-05:00 (£79), —, Stourbridge – W/House 10th Feb 2019 @ 21:00-03:00 (£34.99), –, Warwick – St Johns Mansion – 4th Apr 2019 21:00-01:30 (£49), Warwick – St Johns Mansion – 31st Oct 2019 21:00-01:30 (£49)