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St Johns Haunted Mansion


St Johns Haunted Mansion in Warwick, where you investigate with the professional using some fantastic ghost hunting equipment including ghost boxes, white noise systems, EMFs EVPs and more..

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St Johns House is a very haunted mansion in Warwick with ghostly rooms, dark cellars and more to explore.
Over the years St Johns house was used Medieval Hospital and has it has its own tragic stories of 2 sisters. These sisters are thought to be responsible sightings of dark shadows and ghostly sightings. But there is more, the cellar is haunted as well as many other rooms, but you will have to join us to find out more.

You will meet our paranormal team which includes investigators, sensitives, mediums and more. You will get to carry out experiments and loan vigils if you dare. To complete the event all professional equipment is supplied including Ghost Boxes, White Noise Systems, EMFs EVPs Dowsing and much much more.


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St Johns Mansion

2nd March 2019 @ 21:30-01:30, 15th June 2019 @ 21:30-01:30, 31st October 2019 @ 21:30-01:30